SUPER WATER GEL effective in the planting of trees, bushes, and saplings. It makes it possible to reduce the mortality rate due to transplanting shock and to enhance root development and therefore bring about more rapid growth and production

Dig a hole about three times the volume of the root system.
Mix 1 to 2kg of SUPER WATER GEL per m3 into the earth fill.

The polymer must be evenly mixed into the excavated soil. A small amount of untreated soil must be set aside.

Place the root ball of the plant at the bottom of the hole and fill in the hole with the treated soil. Make sure that the product is distributed evenly around the roots. Then cover the surface with 5cm of untreated soil to prevent degradation of the polymer by ultraviolet rays and stagnation of water on the surface.

Be especially careful not to put unmixed dry product at the bottom of the hole. After hydration, the product would destabilize the plant.



Water retainers are very easily used throughout the growth cycle of lawns and sod. They ensure good germination, faster root development, and regular and even growth of lawns. The rooting of sod is also faster. They are widely used in landscaping for golf courses and grass in parks and gardens.

Work, break up and level
the soil to be planted with grass.

Spread SUPER WATER GEL on the surface of the soil. The polymer may be broadcast or applied with a fertilizer spreader for a more even distribution.

Work SUPER WATER GEL into the soil to a maximum depth of 4 inches (10cm). This can be done by hand with a spade or mechanically with a disk plow or a rototiller.

Seed the lawn or lay the sod. Roll the soil to compact it. Use fertilizers if needed.


SUPER WATER GEL is commonly used in hydro seeding to stabilize newly graded soils. Mixed with or without cellulose mulch, it makes it possible to maintain a minimum of surface water, which permits rapid sprouting of seedlings even in dry areas. 

The vegetation cover develops uniformly and rapidly over the whole treated surface. There are no dry spots without grass.

The other advantage of SUPER WATER GEL is that it prevents cellulose mulch from becoming hardpan during a dry spell. The mulch remains aerated and allows the seeds to sprout quickly. SUPER WATER GEL also makes it possible to reduce the amount of mulch.

SUPER WATER GEL must be added last to the hydro seeder tank, after the other components: seeds, fertilizers, mulch, etc.

Stir at least 15 minutes before spreading.

The following components will normally be required to treat one hectare:

Amounts are to be adjusted based on soil type, slope of the terrain, plant needs, weather conditions, etc



SUPER WATER GEL can be used for root dipping in order to prevent the desiccation of the roots of seedlings during transplanting or transport over a long distance.

The dressing is prepared as follows:

Mix 1kg of SUPER WATER GEL in 150-200 liters of water. Amounts vary depending on the salinity of the water.

Slowly pour in the product while stirring the water to obtain a dressing without dumping of particles.

Let the dressing stand for 15 minutes, the time needed for SUPER WATER GEL to reach its maximum absorption. It is important to obtain a dressing that will adhere completely to the roots. The longer the maturation time, the thicker the dressing will be and the better it will adhere to the roots.

A water-soluble nematocide and/or fungicide may also be added to the preparation to protect plants against nematode and fungal attacks.

Super Water Gel Best For Animal Litter

SUPER WATER GEL products can also be used as an additive in drying feed litters used in breeding farms to replace the old generation of phosphate based-litters.

This new generation of animal drying litter has many benefits; A better comfort for the animals due to a dryer bedding environment.

A reduction of odors.

An Improvement of the fertilizing value of manure due to a better fixation of ammonia.

A better respect of the environment as it is a phosphate-free product.


Floral Decoration

SUPER WATER GELis commonly used for coloring the water in glass containers. SUPER WATER GEL in granules is allowed to expand in colored solutions. The hydrogel is placed in glass containers in which cut flowers may be placed.

Transporting Cut Flowers

SUPER WATER GEL  in the form of hydrogel may be placed in sealed plastic pouches. Once frozen, the pouches are often used in the transport of heat-sensitive plant products such as cut flowers. The hydrogel has excellent resistance to heat shock and does not leak after thawing.